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First French woman in podcasting : World conversations about music cultures women society politics - live from Marseille (En-Fr)

#58 European meeting at Palermo : Interviews with German social workers and Slovenian sociologists Peerthink Part 2

Pour écouter les interviews (30′) cliquer sur l’icone podcast Click on the link to download the file

In this podcast (part 2) with two interviews you will maybe have a better idea of the social work in Germany with three girls from Bremen through their project “Respect” and about this mysterious word “intersectionality” with a short explanation by the sociologists from Slovenia. Everybody sounds tired after this intense brainstorming but enthusiastic to have shared together such an interesting human experience and hope to concretise these new knowledges in their daily work.

During the workshop : Stephane (Addap 13 Marseille on the right) and then three people from Slovenia; the three social workers from Bremen (Mart from Dissens Berlin on the left); social workers from Slovenia, Germany and Austria (from left to right); the researchers in sociology from the 5 countries during the workshop’s evaluation at the end of the week.

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