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First French woman in podcasting : World conversations about music cultures women society politics - live from Marseille (En-Fr)

1/12/05 Meltingtalks

Yes, Oui, Ya…here it is !
A new podcast made by a woman for women with the complicity of nice men…first idea !
But why only for women ? the first comments to support this new site came from my enthusiastic friends…men, who only read these first both sentences posted in the night…thanks you to follow me in every experiences !
Why a new space ? because I need to use the possibilty of podcasting to speak about some subjects which concern me as woman of the 21th century. I have the desire to keep Meltingpod for the rock and roll and the music and to spread here only talks, sometimes just conversations between women and men about the world where we are living, sharing points of views from different culturs, being connected with interesting humans.
I already did three interviews with women involved in the society of Turkey, Portugal and Roumania and I recorded with the same pleasure an old man, shepherd in the French mountains : my Meltingpod blood is burning again in Meltingtalks !! Come on !

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