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First French woman in podcasting : World conversations about music cultures women society politics - live from Marseille (En-Fr)

25/02/06 Blended.Learning.Institutions.Cooperative

A few months ago I did a podcast specially for an European Network based in Gottingen-Germany who started officially their cooperative in Marseille : BLINC (Blended Learning Institutions Cooperative). The members came from 12 different countries in Europe and were very motivated to work together on European social, cultural and health cares projects.
Here is the final work with an added interview of the network’s founding member, Tim Scholze. Music : the song “Marseille” from the Angels (Australia) available HERE.

Click on the icon to listen to the podcast
Click on the link to download the file 

The BLINC band in Marseille, Tim and me initiating Blinc-Blinc !
(Thanks to Georgi Trendafilov for the pictures)

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